Gizmo Toolbar

Gizmo Toolbar 2.6

You may like the Windows Start Menu, but sometimes you need a launch bar with a little more kick, flexibility, and response time. That's where Gizmo Toolbar comes into play. Shown below is a general list of features that are made available by Gizmo Toolbar:

  • Shortcuts - Drag-and-drop files on to the toolbar to create shortcuts (or links)
  • Categories - Organize your buttons with categories and sub-categories
  • Multiple Toolbars - Create and switch between however many toolbars you need
  • Shared Toolbars - Share your toolbars across a network with other work colleagues
  • Protected Toolbars - Lock down your shared toolbars using Windows file permissions, so that they can be managed for a team of employees, by one or more people
  • Themes - Pick from a number of different toolbar themes to match the motif of your desktop
  • Embedded Toolbars - Include toolbars inside of other toolbars, as a convenient form of organizational abstraction
  • Context Switching - Alter the context of your system based on whichever toolbar is currently active
  • Options - Lots of options! Be sure to check them all out. More options are always being added!
  • Fast - Optimized for speed

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Gizmo Toolbar


Gizmo Toolbar 2.6

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